Weird Apprenticeships!!

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Feeling like uni isn’t YOUR route? Kick-start your life by applying for an apprenticeship!

Right, admit it! Nothing will feel better than skipping the boring uni stage and going straight in for that “Learning and Earning“. But, take our word for it…there are some weird apprenticeships out there! No we’re not talking about those mundane office apprenticeships…when we mean weird – WE MEAN WEIRD! Check it out:

1. Glass Blowing Apprenticeships: 

Image result for blowing glass gifIf you’re into glass, this is definitely the apprenticeship for you! As rare as it is, you won’t find many glass blowing apprenticeships in the UK. Glass blowing takes some skill, it doesn’t just involve puffing at glass; the apprentice learns how to design and shape glass into different designs! That’s the Christmas presents sorted this year!




2. Apprentice Falconer:

Image result for falcon funny gifIt’s just your  average day job…you know, with Falcons..! Falconers are those super brave people with the falcon just chilling on their hands.

Apprentice falconers learn how to train falcons, how to handle them and how to use correct equipment (like a hood).


3.  Apprentice Chocolatier 

Image result for chocolate funny gifOne word…Chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!! How cool would it be to say your job is to make chocolate?!

Apprentices have the ability to learn about the making, crafting and packaging chocolate delights. Sadly, you can’t dip you mouth under those chocolate fountains…but…free chocolate…COME ON!



4. Sandwich Artist

Image result for sandwich gifRight, get two slices of bread…slap on a butter and your favourite filling. Seems pretty simple, right?


Apprentices will have the opportunity to create a masterpiece out of the blank canvas we call bread! Hey, at least you’ll never go hungry!


5.  Apprentice Diamond-setters 

Image result for diamond gif funnyApprentice diamond-setters fix those precious, sparkly stones into mounts on jewellery pieces.

Yeah, okay it’s pretty fiddly work but once you start it can lead to exciting prospects.

Did you know, Laurence Graff the “King of Diamonds“, left school at 13, got an apprenticeship at a jewellery shop…and is now worth a dazzling £2 billion.


6. Ghost Hunter Apprentice 

Image result for ghostbusters film gifsThat’s right, there is such a thing as an Apprentice Ghost Hunter.

A ghost hunter apprentice will learn about the scariest spots in town and how to weave those ghostly tales.

So, who you gunna call?!?! APPRENTICE GHOST HUNTER!




7. Apprentice Tattooist 

Image result for getting a tattoo gifIf the sight of a needle doesn’t make you squeamish, then this is the job for you!

An Apprentice Tattooist will have to work long and hard before they are let loose on human skin…so, it might be a while before your unleashed with needle and ink! Let’s be honest, no one wants to be permanently inked by a rookie.



8.  Trainee Funeral Director 

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It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can lead to a pretty solid career.

For starters, it probably won’t involve trussing up dead bodies (leave that to the embalmer), more likely you’ll be learning to direct hearses, liaise with bereaved families and help plan funeral services. Consequently, you’ll need excellent communication and organisational skills, not just the ability to look mournful next to a coffin.



9. Equine Dentist Apprenticeship

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Equine dentist apprentices wield a bit more than just a toothbrush. If the idea of checking out horsey gnashers for a living fills you with delight, then this is the apprenticeship for you.

It usually involves training with qualified equine dental technicians who deal with plucking out horses’ milk teeth, ramped molars, shear mouth, wave mouth and so on. Believe us, horses have plenty of teething problems. They even have a set of pearly whites called wolf teeth.



10. Blacksmith Apprentice

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The blacksmithing apprenticeship certainly seems suitably Dickensian!

Step into the 21st century and the humble blacksmith has been reinvented. Enter a modern forge and you’ll find computers and modern technology with a few traditional methods and tools thrown in the mix. Blacksmiths don’t just hammer the shoes on horses, but craft all sorts of metal gates, staircases and railings.