Help!! I’m Stuck…


It’s GCSE Exam Season!

If you are determined to get as many A* – C grades as possible then simply follow our key tips to success!

1. Revision timetable 

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By building a revision timetable, it can allow you to prioritise your GCSE subjects by exam dates. Creating a timetable is simple, now there are various different timetable templates for example: 

2. Take a break!

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It’s important to take regular breaks! By constantly studying it can often result in feeling stressed/tired – this creates a “block”.

Study shows that by taking regular study breaks it engages in brain activity which can help improve in your performance.

3. Learning style 

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Everyone thinks they know the best way to study, however everyone is different. There are four ways of learning; visual, auditory, written and kinesthetic. By understanding how well you can work, it can ease the process of studying.

5. Practice makes perfect! 

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By looking at various past papers, it can help by familiarising yourself with different exam layouts. i.e. how questions are formed, time limits, exam format etc..

6. Find a quiet place

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Make sure you find a good location with limited amount of noise. Having noise in the background does not help your context development memory! Remember: quiet place = learning more

Follow our these simple tips and your sure to ace those exams!