First Aid Training..?

First Aid could help prevent up to 140,000 deaths every year. 

They say heroes wear capes, but that’s not always the case! Every day accidents happen – whether you’re at home or at work!

Listed below are the Top 5 reasons on why First Aid is important.

  1. Saves Lives –  First aid is the first initial assistance given to a victim of injury or illness, this initial contact is vital as you could potentially save a life! Whilst it is a natural human instinct to rush to the aid of someone who is injured, a trained individual is more reliable than someone who isn’t.
  2. Ability To Help – By being a First Aider it allows you to eliminate the feeling of being a helpless bystander.
  3. Prevention – By being an assistance to an emergency situation, it can prevent the individual/situation from becoming worse. This can sometimes provide a temporary treatment which will keep the victim safe.
  4. Relieve Pain –  Some injuries such as burns, can be simple to treat on site rather travelling to your local Emergency Room.
  5. Increases Safety – First Aid promotes the safety and well being amongst individuals. By preventing further casualties it allows an increase in safety.

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